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Our Workforce

Our Workforce

As a social enterprise, Haven is committed to providing sustainable employment and development opportunities to disabled people.

Haven provides jobs that give people a proper wage with the same terms and conditions as other employees, as well as the opportunity to gain new skills, increase people's confidence and independence, thereby becoming more socially and economically included.

Having a diverse workforce also gives Haven’s customers a unique advantage by providing access to a wider pool of talent and the ability to meet the varied needs of a business.

The majority of Haven's highly-skilled and highly-motivated workforce is recruited from Jobcentre Plus, through the Work Choice programme. Work Choice is a government programme which aims to support more disabled people into employment. More than 80 per cent of Haven's workforce has a disability.

Haven also offers its employees opportunities to progress their careers and to access different types of work through a unique partnership with other companies who benefit from having Haven staff join their staff teams on a temporary basis. This scheme is known as the Haven Complementary Workforce.