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Haven Celebrate SOTY Award

Haven Celebrate SOTY Award

On the 7th of June Alain Sharkey, General Manager at Haven Products and Jean Muldoon the Edrington Business Planner attended the Edrington Supplier of the Year Awards in Glasgow which was on its 11th year running.

This is a unique type of event within the whisky industry, as it celebrates the success of the joint working arrangements between TEG and its suppliers. Taken into account each supplier quarterly scores each supplier is ranked on their performance in a number of areas. Areas included are quality, on time deliveries, complaints, cost, and innovation and admin/invoicing.

The awards which are ranked Bronze, Silver and Gold are based on these scores. There is also an additional award for the supplier of the year which is presented to the top supplier who has gone the extra mile in terms of the TEG drivers of Quality, Cost and Delivery.

In 2007 Haven achieved a Silver Award and since then has achieved a Gold award in every year, culminating in Haven being the Supplier of the Year in 2011.

This year Haven secured there tenth gold award, this has been achieved against tough competition all of which comes from the private sector including glass makers, label printers, and carton, case and closure manufacturers and includes UK wide and global organisations.

Commenting on the success of the business General Manager for Haven Products Alain Sharkey commented: 

“I was absolutely delighted to receive on behalf of the Clydebank Team another Gold Award at the recent Edrington Supplier of the Year Award event, which is our Tenth in a row. It’s an incredible achievement from all the guys involved and I am immensely proud of each and every one of them for the effort they have put in, not just this year but the previous years as well.”